Halter top for hot summer

Hi everyone! New crochet crop top on my shop on Etsy – SexyCrochet Accessories: Estibela Model:@belasuareez MUA:@ursula2310 @siemprewapas You can purchase this crochet top online on my shop on Etsy.

New model of crochet crop top for summer 2016.

Hi everyone! New crochet crop top on my shop on Etsy – SexyCrochet Accessories: Estibela Model:@belasuareez MUA:@ursula2310 @siemprewapas

crochet festival top
Long crochet summer top

Hi there, fashion fans and addicted to crochet. For those timid girls who sometimes would like to put on something sexy at the same time without showing too much, I’ve made this a bit longer then usually model of top. This elegant top is made of 100% pure cotton, which makes it very soft, and …

hippie crochet halter top
Hippie crochet halter top

Hi, girls! One of my recent models of crochet halter tops for summer 2015 in hippie style decorated with different metallic elements as “hamsa hand”, elephant, feathers, hearts etc You can buy this hippie crochet halter top in my shop online on Etsy, here

desfile SexyCrochet  Club Náutico de Benalmádena "BeauTeam"
I Desfile BeauTeam

Hi everyone! The most probable is that this summer I will not participate in any catwalk, because I have not prepared any swimsuit collection because of the very few free time I’ve had. This winter I was too occupied with orders and had no time for anything. From one point of view I am very …

top largo de crochet
Custom crochet top bra for my client

Hi friends ! Sincerely, I hate making custom orders, they are very difficult, boring and never profitable. Normally in those cases I politely answer that I do not accept custom orders and only make my own designs. But once to my Etsy shop came a message with a request of an order I felt in …

cute crochet bikini, 2 pieces crochet swimsuit
Probably the most favorite top of mine

Hi Those who follow my works frequently, for shore prefer some of my designs more then others, the same happens to me – some works I love more then others. I love each and all of my crochet tops, I adore to design them, make them, look on them and wear them… but one of …

jack sparrow style crochet halter crop top bra
Jack Sparrow style crochet halter top

Hi friends! My new crochet top I made following the style of Jack Sparrow from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. Personally I adore this style – with a lot of multicolored decorations and details you can achieve very exclusive and unrepeatable items I decorated the top using wooden beads of 4-8mm size, also I …

verano 20152
Crochet tank top “3 pineapples”

Hi everyone! A new top today…  it is a new version of my famous top top “3 pineapples” which I made for my dear friend Yulia from Estonia  As she is very shy and she wants not only to wear it on vacations on the beach, but also to put it on daily in the city, …

verano 20156
Crochet bikini “3 pineapple”

Hi girls. Since I started to sell my creations on Etsy, I dedicate all my time to it… even when I come out for a walk with my husband – we are talking about it. Many people ask me how to achieve sells on Etsy, I answer to all of you – you need to …

Long fringe top bra

New long fringe crochet top bra from SexyCrochet 

top de crochet de LanasStop
Crochet top from LanasStop

Hi girls, Normally designs for all my works I create myself – I invent schemes, patterns, designs, choose the thread, etc. Normally I even don’t look on those magazines, dedicated to crochet. All appears in my mind.  But once my look fell on the front page of LanasStop’s magazine and I fell in love with …