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making design of swimsuits
Process of birth of SexyCrochet swimsuits

Hi, everyone! Today I will show you how born my swimsuits. First off all I draw my idea of some bathing suit on the paper, I can’t draw well, so normally my picture turns into some dirty mud unclear to everyone but me  because I always need to correct my picture and start to draw …

nylon elastic for crochet bikini
Make crochet bikini more elastic.

Hi, everyone. Today I want to show you one of my trick that I use to make my swimsuits more elastic. How I said before I use only special elastic yarn for my crochet bathing suits. So, in this way I already have my swimsuits elastic and better quality than pure cotton swimsuits. But we can …

mi and my work
My crochet patterns

Hi, girls. I am asked a lot  about patterns  of  my swimsuits, dresses, skirts, etc. And usually I answer that I don’t have any pattern, because it’s true! Normally when I start to make some new model of swimsuits, I just start to crochet it, without any scheme, making some calculation in my brain, after …

Pattern of crochet maxi beach skirt “Mermaid” 2014

Hello, everyone! As I once promised you, I publish schemes and pattern of crochet skirt “Mermaid” from SexyCrochet. More photos of this  skirt you can see here – “Crochet maxi skirt “Mermaid”. Summer beach 2014″ Materials needed: 600 gr. of yarn of Lanas Stop “Cablé 5″ (400m  100 gr 100% cotton) light gray color crochet …

flores de  crochet
Crochet flowers with schemes

Some schemes of crochet flowers to decorate anything from a bag to a hat for little girl. Hope you like it.

Knitted wool necks, white and silvered

Hi, girls! This year I like to make wool necks for ladies and girls a lot. Especially the necks made of squares. This time it is about a neck of white and silver squares. The neck is very modern, nice and warm. You can wear it with anything: with a blouse, jacket, dress, etc.. This necks …

вязаный снуд крючком из квадратиков
A little tutorial : crochet cowl from squares

Today I want to show you how can we make a simple crochet cowl from squares. We need 50 gr. of yarn of pink color and 50 gr. of purple color. The best yarn for this cowl is medium thickness. Crochet hook 4-6, dependent from yarn that you use. With next diagram we need to make …