jersey de estilo hippy para invierno
Hippie sweater for winter.

Probably none of my works can describe my own style better than this hippy fashion sweater. Large bells on the sleeves, decorated with small borderes, trapezoidal shape, and my favorite colors. I love this sweater, from all of my work that I’ve done this summer it’s my favorite. This sweater already has been purchased by …

winter crochet fashion dress
Crochet squares in the world

About crochet squares it can be written for a century but steel would leave much more to write. From crochet squares it can be made anything, from simplest staff like crochet blanket to fashion clothes as dresses, sweaters, shawls, etc.. Recently you can see many items of crochet squares clothing  on the fashion shows. I invite you …

jersey bonito calentito tejido de lana Carolina K.
Knitted sweet sweater from Carolina K.

Continuing with knitted global brands articles. Handmade knitted sweet sweater from Carolina K.

Maiyet jersey de mohair hecho a mano
Knitted mohair handmade sweater and skirt by Maiyet.

Some knitted fashion from worldwide brand Maiyet. Knitted mohair handmade sweater and skirt by Maiyet.

knitted wool blue sweater
Knitted blue wool sweater

Hi everyone! Today I want to show you my new blue fall women sweater. It is handmade knitted of a very fine warm wool. This model of sweater is very original and beauty. The sweater decorated by crochet squares in the belt. I hope that you liked it.  

Idees 400 Points de Tricot (101)
Differents Knitted Diagrams

Differents Knitted Diagrams