crochet beach mini scirt
Crochet Beach Mini skirt.

Hi, everyone! It seams like I didn’t write in my blog more that 100 years! I had so much work to do! I felt that already is summer, everyone go to vocations, trips and start to order swimsuits, top, skirts! So this month I had completely busy. And now I have a little pause in …

Pattern of crochet maxi beach skirt “Mermaid” 2014

Hello, everyone! As I once promised you, I publish schemes and pattern of crochet skirt “Mermaid” from SexyCrochet. More photos of this  skirt you can see here – “Crochet maxi skirt “Mermaid”. Summer beach 2014″ Materials needed: 600 gr. of yarn of Lanas Stop “Cablé 5″ (400m  100 gr 100% cotton) light gray color crochet …

falda lagra de crochet
Long skirt SexyCrochet design “Mermaid”

Hi, everyone! Long summer handmade crochet skirt “Mermaid“ for romantic walks on the evening beach. Beautiful, well thought in details skirt, repeats all contours of your body and emphasizes them, in the same time hiding flaws. Wear this skirt with your usual swimsuit and go to take some drink on the evening beach and you will …

falda de crochet para invierno con diagramas
Pattern of crochet winter skirt

Hi, girls! Look at this pretty skirt that I have found in one japanese magazine and also with schemes. It’s perfect for winter. Should look great with high boots with heels. I love this skirt model. I want one for my .. who want make it for me?! I have no free time! so .. maybe one …

fuchsia crochet scirt
Crochet scirt by fuchsia color

It’s not just a skirt! It’s beautiful, cute and very sweet crochet skirt! It looks like a lace but it’s made ​by crochet with ​very fine cotton yarn. The schemes of this fashionable skirt  you can find on the end of this publication. I like everything in this skirt: color, pattern and length. I want …

falda de crochet
Lovely motive for crochet skirt

Hi, girls. Look at this cute crochet motif that I found, it looks much like a lace. It’s so nice and lovely! And you can do anything from this motive or crochet skirt like on the picture, or a shawl, or a top. Everything you want! And the finer is the yarn you are using …

Maiyet jersey de mohair hecho a mano
Knitted mohair handmade sweater and skirt by Maiyet.

Some knitted fashion from worldwide brand Maiyet. Knitted mohair handmade sweater and skirt by Maiyet.

falda de crochet con esquema
Diagrams of 2 crochet skirts

Diagrams of 2 crochet skirts