festival girl top, crochet crop top, halter top
Free pattern. Festival crochet top.

Hi, everyone. As ultimately many people ask me about patterns of my works, I will try to dedicate more time to describing them with schemes on my blog. So, subscribe to be noticed about new publications. Today I decided to describe this crochet halter top: (those who only want to order this festival top, here …

mi and my work
My crochet patterns

Hi, girls. I am asked a lot  about patterns  of  my swimsuits, dresses, skirts, etc. And usually I answer that I don’t have any pattern, because it’s true! Normally when I start to make some new model of swimsuits, I just start to crochet it, without any scheme, making some calculation in my brain, after …

nice blouse with crochet patterns
Crochet blouse with schemes

Modern and nice crochet blouse with schemes and pattern. 

2 crochet scarfs with schemes

Hi, girls! Today I just want to show you two very elegant handmade crochet scarves with pineapple pattern. And they have schemes. A big hug! Olga.

Very nice crochet collar

Hello, girls. On Internet I have found a very nice crochet necklace made with patterns. I do not use things like this collar but maybe helps you. Greetings!

Christmas tablecloth

A very nice idea to decorate your tablecloth for Christmas dinner. Two serviettes for table decoration in Christmas style. First tablecloth with Christmas trees on the boards: Second tablecloth with drawing of Christmas ball by crochet: Hope you liked the ideas! Greetings!!

flores de  crochet
Crochet flowers with schemes

Some schemes of crochet flowers to decorate anything from a bag to a hat for little girl. Hope you like it.

bufanda de crochet con esquemas
Very original crochet scarf with pattern

For those who are looking for new ideas to make a crochet scarf I leave here a model very cool and not typical. The scarf scheme seems quite simple and clear. Hope you like it. Greetings! Olga.

SexyCrochet headband
New crochet headbands

Good day, my darlings! Very quickly I want to show you some crochet headbands that I’ve done. They are made using the same scheme that I will attach at the end of this publication. Today we went to a mountain that is situated near of our house, there opens a beautiful view to the city. …

Cinta de cabello de crochet, estilo hippy, esquemas
Hippie crochet headband. Pattern.

Hello, everyone. As I promised you at the las time, today I will show you my new models of hippy style head bands and also a pattern of them. I hope you will like them. The first is of blue color decorated with a crochet orange flower and colored wooden balls. And another tape with …

crochet white snowflakes
Crochet snowflakes with diagrams

Well .. we are now in the latest days of October and we have not so much time to prepare our homes for the Christmas holidays. So I propose to start making Christmas decoration now. I have started my preparations with some snowflakes made of crochet using this diagram: I found one ball of 20 …

falda de crochet para invierno con diagramas
Pattern of crochet winter skirt

Hi, girls! Look at this pretty skirt that I have found in one japanese magazine and also with schemes. It’s perfect for winter. Should look great with high boots with heels. I love this skirt model. I want one for my .. who want make it for me?! I have no free time! so .. maybe one …