cinta para el pelo de dos agujas de color rosa
Knitting nice headband.

New knitted headbands by SexyCrochet, of the same design, very simple but beautiful to warm our hears during fresh days of autumn with a touch of romance and fashion. Buy this nice knitting headband on my Etsy shop

cinta para el pelo de crochet
New crochet wool headband.

Hi, everyone! Reveal your inner gypsy with this thick and lush hand woven headband from SexyCrochet. Custom handmade in expert detail. It features an intricate pattern that is reminiscent of the ancient gypsy culture. It features a tie along the back so it can easily be secured to your head. This is a whimsical accessory …

Mini collection of wool headbands

Hello, hello! New mini collection of headbands made ​​of thick wool very soft and hight quality. Each one decorated with it’s own style. Some have butterflies, other spider web, crystals beads etc.. And each one tells its own story   I love them all ! Greeting!

Boho headband

Hi , girls! A lot of time passed since my last post , it seems that a whole century passed , hehe. Last week I was occupated with my Etsy shop, making the Black Friday discounts. I had plenty of orders and shopping. But now this season has finished . And  now I’m more calmer …

beige crochet headband, hippie style
New crochet hippie headbands

Hello, girls. Here’s my 4 new hair bands fall colors: mustard, orange, beige and dark beige. The belts are decorated with a large crochet  flower and wooden balls. The pattern of the ribbon and flower you can found on my other publication – hippy style ribbon with diagrams. I hope you liked my new wool …

Un cuello estilo navideño
Christmas ideas. Scarf, neck and headband.

Today awaits you 3 new Christmas prank. I recommend you to listen this song while you are reading the publication :  Jingle bells of Dean Martin Especially for Christmas I prepared a set of a scarf and headband . These works are done in Christmas colors – red wool and white skin that looks like snow. The …

SexyCrochet headband
New crochet headbands

Good day, my darlings! Very quickly I want to show you some crochet headbands that I’ve done. They are made using the same scheme that I will attach at the end of this publication. Today we went to a mountain that is situated near of our house, there opens a beautiful view to the city. …

Cinta de cabello de crochet, estilo hippy, esquemas
Hippie crochet headband. Pattern.

Hello, everyone. As I promised you at the las time, today I will show you my new models of hippy style head bands and also a pattern of them. I hope you will like them. The first is of blue color decorated with a crochet orange flower and colored wooden balls. And another tape with …

nice crochet headband
Two crochet headbands

Hi, girls. Have you miss me? Today whole day I have been with my new crochet headbands. I have made 5 items, two of which I’ll show you today, they are very simples but very nice and 3, which are more dificult, I’ll post tomorrow with a tutorial If anyone needs diagrams of this heandband – …

funny  knitted headband "Ears" /  Diadema divertida tipo gorro hecho en tejido de punto "Orejas" / Веселая вязаная повязка на голову, теплая и красивая
Funny knitted headband “Ears”

Hi, everyone! I have one novelty for you! For a bright, funny, extraordinary personality, cute woolen blue knitted headband “Ears” with white Faux Fur. This cute and fun accessory will help you to stand out from the crowd in a positive sense and become a center of attention. To complete your bold and bright image check …