cinta para el pelo de dos agujas de color rosa
Knitting nice headband.

New knitted headbands by SexyCrochet, of the same design, very simple but beautiful to warm our hears during fresh days of autumn with a touch of romance and fashion. Buy this nice knitting headband on my Etsy shop

set of multicolored hand crochet slouchy ribbed hat and mittens
Set of crochet multicolored beanie hat and mittens

Hi, girls! How you going? It gives me pain that the summer has passed so fast and now long, cold and dark season of winter expects us .. For cold and lightless days will be perfect these bright multicolored accessories of crochet beanie hat and mittens that I have prepared for this season. Hope you …

cinta para el pelo de crochet
New crochet wool headband.

Hi, everyone! Reveal your inner gypsy with this thick and lush hand woven headband from SexyCrochet. Custom handmade in expert detail. It features an intricate pattern that is reminiscent of the ancient gypsy culture. It features a tie along the back so it can easily be secured to your head. This is a whimsical accessory …

cuello de lana con bolas de fieltro
Wool neck with felt balls

Hi, girls! Two new things for today. 2 wool neck for winter decorated with balls made ​​of felt.   And another one almost the same but with larger and darker balls. They are very easy to make. At first you have to knit the neck normal, then make felt balls and place them in the …

cuello de piel de lanas stop "visón" de color azul oscuro
Two necks, two colors, the same model.

Hi, there. At first I want to remind you about the survey about a new contest of SexyCrochet. I am waiting for yours ideas about the gifts and contest subject. Thank you very much. And here ara 2 of my new knitted works made of the same yarn and have same design, but two different …

Cuello de colección Fur de Lanas Stop
Fur cowl from yarn of Lanas Stop

Hi, girls. The cowl that  I want to show you today is amazing. It is very quickly to knite, it looks very reach and it is easy to make. The secret of this cowl is the wool of wich is made. The yarn is from colection of yarns of Lanas Stop “Fur” which mimics the …

Tutorial. Knitted wool neck from two types of yarn
Free knit pattern. Cowl from 2 types of yarn.

Hi, girls! It’s starting to get cold and I thought it would be cool to make a free tutorial of a knitted neck. To make the neck not so typical I will use two different types of wool. The first yarn that I will use – the wool of Lanas Stop “Gran Merino” it is …

bright colors cowl with lots of volume
Knitted cowl from yarn Katia “Sophie”

Hi, girls! What do you think about my blog’s new “look”? Have you noticed the difference? I whant to change some things more, and I hope all this changes will be only for better. Today I will show a new neck full of colors and very fun. And I will tell you my opinion about …

Knitted wool sneck with bangs.
New design of neck with bangs.

Hello everyone! A new model of the neck from SexyCrochet with fringe, it is simple but very nice and original. The neck is made of very soft wool yarn (50% natural wool, 50% acrylic) of light beige color. On the four sides, the neck is decorated with fringes of the same wool. The neck is …

Knitted wool necks, white and silvered

Hi, girls! This year I like to make wool necks for ladies and girls a lot. Especially the necks made of squares. This time it is about a neck of white and silver squares. The neck is very modern, nice and warm. You can wear it with anything: with a blouse, jacket, dress, etc.. This necks …

handmade crochet wool sleeveless vest from remnants of yarn
A top of the rests of my yarn

Hello, girls! How are you? I’m ok, working every day, making new crochet and knitted works . I imagine that each of you has much rests of different colored yarn at home, and you feel sorry about it  but you can not do nothing from this yarn. Well, today I have an idea for you …

вязаный снуд крючком из квадратиков
A little tutorial : crochet cowl from squares

Today I want to show you how can we make a simple crochet cowl from squares. We need 50 gr. of yarn of pink color and 50 gr. of purple color. The best yarn for this cowl is medium thickness. Crochet hook 4-6, dependent from yarn that you use. With next diagram we need to make …