вязаная сумка от дизайнера  Ralph Lauren
Knitted bag from Ralph Lauren

Knitted bag from Ralph Lauren. A lovely bag with faux fur.

Crochet bag from Gerard Darel
Crochet bag from Gerard Darel

Who said that crochet bags are just for grandmothers? Very nice crochet Bag from Gerard Darel  

winter crochet fashion dress
Crochet squares in the world

About crochet squares it can be written for a century but steel would leave much more to write. From crochet squares it can be made anything, from simplest staff like crochet blanket to fashion clothes as dresses, sweaters, shawls, etc.. Recently you can see many items of crochet squares clothing  on the fashion shows. I invite you …

bolso tejido de Stella McCartney
Crochet handbags by Stella McCartney

Wonderful crochet bags . Models by  ”Stella McCartney”

crochet handbag with schemes
3 crochet bags with schemes

Following the publication of fashion knitted bags, I leave here three crochet bags with those patterns.

вязаная сумка крючком мотивами из толстой пряжи
Crochet women bag

Hello, girls. I’ve noticed that in my blog completely absent a very big part of crochet accessories – handbags. I can not say that all models of knitted handbags I like,  on the contrary, there are many of models of knitted bags that seems to me horrific. So here on the blog we will look only …