crochet triangles with diagrams.
A new ration crochet triangles with diagrams.

A new ration crochet triangles with diagrams. Other schemes of triangles by crochet.

Rectángulos de crochet multicolor
Multicolored crochet rectangles

Multicolored crochet nice rectangles:  

jersey de estilo hippy para invierno
Hippie sweater for winter.

Probably none of my works can describe my own style better than this hippy fashion sweater. Large bells on the sleeves, decorated with small borderes, trapezoidal shape, and my favorite colors. I love this sweater, from all of my work that I’ve done this summer it’s my favorite. This sweater already has been purchased by …

вязаный снуд крючком из квадратиков
A little tutorial : crochet cowl from squares

Today I want to show you how can we make a simple crochet cowl from squares. We need 50 gr. of yarn of pink color and 50 gr. of purple color. The best yarn for this cowl is medium thickness. Crochet hook 4-6, dependent from yarn that you use. With next diagram we need to make …

winter crochet fashion dress
Crochet squares in the world

About crochet squares it can be written for a century but steel would leave much more to write. From crochet squares it can be made anything, from simplest staff like crochet blanket to fashion clothes as dresses, sweaters, shawls, etc.. Recently you can see many items of crochet squares clothing  on the fashion shows. I invite you …

nice crochet diagrams
Crochet nice diagrams

Beautiful schemes crochet motifs 

Christmas beach paty. Christmas sexy costume.
Christmas beach paty. Christmas bikini.

Hi, girls! The latest of my Christmas design is a sexy bikini with fur that looks like snow. Amazing Christmas suit for those who spend the Christmas holidays in Hawaii . It is so cute, right? You can buy this Chrictmas bikini on my shop on Etsy.  

mango bufanda tejida  para otoño 2013
Two knitted wool scarfs from Mango

Two knitted scarves from Mango Fall collection 2013. These scarves are very easy to make but they are very beautiful and fashionable. I found only 2 models in different colors: black with white and red with black. But you can do many more color combinations depending of your style and taste. I don’t know the …

Большой вязаный снуд с мехом
Knitted cowl with fur “Foxy”

It is impossible not realize that Fur is in fashion this year. Looking at the fashion shows of great artists we note that the famous designers choose Fur accessories like cowls, scarves, etc.. Neither I have spent from this new trend and in my last job for the winter 2014 I used yarn that mimics the Fur. …

bolso tejido de Stella McCartney
Crochet handbags by Stella McCartney

Wonderful crochet bags . Models by  ”Stella McCartney”

muy original chal de calavera / beautiful shawl with skulls / красивая шаль с черепами
Crochet shawl with skull for Helloween

Hi, girls. Excited by the holiday of Halloween today I will dedicate one of my  publications to this event of fear and horror. Many Spanish celebrate it, also kids in schools. 2 years ago we ware visited by children dressed es monsters calling our house shouting “Trick or Treat” on Halloween night, but we were not …

Knitted winter wool dress from LINE Knitwear

And to finish for today I leave here some crochet wool dresses from “LINE Knitwear” from the collection of 2012. They are the most beautiful winter dresses that I’ve seen in my life. Well, for today it’s all. Kisses! See you tomorrow!