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wholesale in handmade
Wholesale no exist for handmade

Hi, there. With summer coming every day closer and closer more people ask me about wholesale of my works. And for now no one agree with my offers. I think that those people really don’t understand what is HANDMADE and how we made our prices. Normally I receive letters like this one: “I like your …

Famous wearing in crochet. Paris Hilton.

Hello, my darlings! A lot of famous people love to wear crochet clothing. But she is the most obsessed with it. She is Paris Hilton. She has a lot of beautiful different crochet clothes, starting from swimsuits and ending with super nice large crochet dresses. I will show you crochet clothing from Paris Hilton the most …

making design of swimsuits
Process of birth of SexyCrochet swimsuits

Hi, everyone! Today I will show you how born my swimsuits. First off all I draw my idea of some bathing suit on the paper, I can’t draw well, so normally my picture turns into some dirty mud unclear to everyone but me  because I always need to correct my picture and start to draw …

mi and my work
My crochet patterns

Hi, girls. I am asked a lot  about patterns  of  my swimsuits, dresses, skirts, etc. And usually I answer that I don’t have any pattern, because it’s true! Normally when I start to make some new model of swimsuits, I just start to crochet it, without any scheme, making some calculation in my brain, after …

my elastic yarn for crochet bikini
Something about me and my work

Hi there! English speaking readers don’t now me and my brand “SexyCrochet” very well. I want to change a little this situation  My name is Olga and since 2011 I have dedicated myself to design and make fashion crochet clothing. I created my own brand “SexyCrochet”. I love to design swimsuits, bikinis, monokinis a lot! …

Swimsuit Photoshoot

New photoshoot by a talented photographer Juan Francisco Collado, you can find his work on his blog - JFCollado and a wonderful model María Navarro Make-up artist: Nerea R. Hairdresser: Virginia N.

Happy new 2014 year!

Hi, girls! Happy new year! I wish you all the best! Thanks for being with me this year and I hope to see you in 2014! Kisses!

My Christmas gift to myself.

Hi , girls! I have already prepared my house for Christmas dinner . A Christmas tree , presents under it, the toys of  Santa Claus, etc. And also I’ve  made some presents for me , and I want to show you all of them  I prefer to buy gifts and other things online, it is faster …

crochet white snowflakes
Crochet snowflakes with diagrams

Well .. we are now in the latest days of October and we have not so much time to prepare our homes for the Christmas holidays. So I propose to start making Christmas decoration now. I have started my preparations with some snowflakes made of crochet using this diagram: I found one ball of 20 …

призы конкурса от sexyCrochet
New SexyCrochet Contest

¡Good day everyone! I invite you everyone to participate in the new competition of SexyCrochet . The name of the competition  “My little wool work”. The concurs conditions The duration of contest is a month since the October 21 until November 21 . It can participate all works made of wool, no matter what technique is …

ideas para el concurso de SexyCrochet
Looking for ideas for new SexyCrochet contest

Hi everyone. I have decided that the time has come for a new contest from SexyCrochet. I was thinking about the subject of the competition and the best prize that will appeal to you. But who better knows want you prefer to win and in what contest want to participate that yourselves. So I hope …

etsy, how to choose tags
Etsy. How to choose the tas.

Hi, everyone. I want to show you my little secret about how I choose tags for items in my shop on Etsy. Maybe it will be helpful for you to improve your store. As an example I take one of my listings: The first thing that I need to do is to choose 3 most …