bright colors cowl with lots of volume
Knitted cowl from yarn Katia “Sophie”

Hi, girls! What do you think about my blog’s new “look”? Have you noticed the difference? I whant to change some things more, and I hope all this changes will be only for better. Today I will show a new neck full of colors and very fun. And I will tell you my opinion about …

nice crochet poncho for business lady with diagrams
Nice crochet poncho for business lady.

Hi, girls! Normally I’m against of crochet clothing models from chinese journals. I don’t find them attractive and original. But this crochet poncho of one of the chinese magazine I found very quite and nice to publish it in this blog. It’s crochet poncho is very modern and has its charm. It can serve to …

crochet pants with pattern
Crochet pants with pattern.

White crochet pants with pattern crochet and diagrams

Knitted wool sneck with bangs.
New design of neck with bangs.

Hello everyone! A new model of the neck from SexyCrochet with fringe, it is simple but very nice and original. The neck is made of very soft wool yarn (50% natural wool, 50% acrylic) of light beige color. On the four sides, the neck is decorated with fringes of the same wool. The neck is …

вязаная сумка от дизайнера  Ralph Lauren
Knitted bag from Ralph Lauren

Knitted bag from Ralph Lauren. A lovely bag with faux fur.

Los pantalones de crochet
Crochet pants from Vanessa Monoro

In one of my previous posts I wrote a review about knitted pants and today I found a new model of crochet pants of one of my favorite designers – Vanessa Montoro. I love here crochet dresses, she is a crochet Goddess for me, but those pants … ugh .. they are ugly on body …

Knitted wool necks, white and silvered

Hi, girls! This year I like to make wool necks for ladies and girls a lot. Especially the necks made of squares. This time it is about a neck of white and silver squares. The neck is very modern, nice and warm. You can wear it with anything: with a blouse, jacket, dress, etc.. This necks …

необычное платье от Burberry
Unusual combination of colors of the dress from Burberry

I liked so much the unusual combination of colors of knitted wool dress that have chosen brand Burberry, I see this dress very elegant and original. And  what do you think about?

Crochet bag from Gerard Darel
Crochet bag from Gerard Darel

Who said that crochet bags are just for grandmothers? Very nice crochet Bag from Gerard Darel  

handmade crochet wool sleeveless vest from remnants of yarn
A top of the rests of my yarn

Hello, girls! How are you? I’m ok, working every day, making new crochet and knitted works . I imagine that each of you has much rests of different colored yarn at home, and you feel sorry about it  but you can not do nothing from this yarn. Well, today I have an idea for you …

poncho bonito de crochet
Crochet nice poncho

It is a very pretty crochet poncho. A poncho is very romantic and fashiony. It’s pattern resembles a wave. Unfortunately I do not know who is the author of that cute poncho, but it’s beautiful! Very great idea!

crochet triangles with diagrams.
A new ration crochet triangles with diagrams.

A new ration crochet triangles with diagrams. Other schemes of triangles by crochet.