ideas para el concurso de SexyCrochet
Looking for ideas for new SexyCrochet contest

Hi everyone. I have decided that the time has come for a new contest from SexyCrochet. I was thinking about the subject of the competition and the best prize that will appeal to you. But who better knows want you prefer to win and in what contest want to participate that yourselves. So I hope …

hippie wool crochet neck
Free pattern. Crochet hippie neck with beads.

Hi, girls! All day long I’ve been preparing a free tutorial of crochet neck for you. I hope you will like it. The neck of my own design, well, almost everything that I do is my design, I still have enough own ideas to not use of others. Well, let’s do a hippy  wool cowl decorated with …

esquemas de trikini de ANNA KOSTUROVA
Patterns. Crochet monokini by ANNA KOSTUROVA

Hi girls. By request of one of the followers of SexyCrochet – Ana, I publish here diagrams of crochet monokini by KOSTUROVA ANNA that I’ve found on Internet. This is swimsuit: And it’s patterns: It is the central part of swimsuit and diagrams of bra and panties I advise to use this ones - patterns of …

Cuello de colección Fur de Lanas Stop
Fur cowl from yarn of Lanas Stop

Hi, girls. The cowl that  I want to show you today is amazing. It is very quickly to knite, it looks very reach and it is easy to make. The secret of this cowl is the wool of wich is made. The yarn is from colection of yarns of Lanas Stop “Fur” which mimics the …

etsy, how to choose tags
Etsy. How to choose the tas.

Hi, everyone. I want to show you my little secret about how I choose tags for items in my shop on Etsy. Maybe it will be helpful for you to improve your store. As an example I take one of my listings: The first thing that I need to do is to choose 3 most …

tunica de crochet con esquemas
Crochet tunica with schemes

Hi, girls. For those who asked me about the schemes of this beautiful beach tunic from Latarte and for everyone else I leave here on my SexyCrochet blog, diagrams of this wonterful summer tunic that I found on Internet. I advise to use cotton yarn for this tunic for crochet 2-3. It’s a very nice …

Page mobile version and FP in Etsy

Girls, I have two news for you and for me. The first one is new version for mobile of SexyCrochet blog. So you can read new publicacciónes of SexyCrochet through phones and tablets more comfortable than before. And second one is one of my scarves is on the Front Page of Etsy: It is the …

Tutorial. Cowl from 2 types of yarn. Model 2.
Free knit pattern. Cowl from 2 types of yarn. Model 2.

Hi, girls. Today I have one free tutorial more for you, one sneck of two types of yarn. This one: We need 2 balls of yarn. First one – some wool yarn of grey color, second yarn – some fancy yarn of blue color. Circular needles  #6. Cast 80 stitches of  gray wool on the circular needles: …

Vanessa Montoro "Mediterraneo"
Vanessa Montoro. Collection “Mediterraneo”

New collection of crochet dresses from gorgeous designer Vanessa Montoro. The collection is called “Mediterraneo”. The photos are pretty tiny, I have not found them larger. But I think that it can see all the beauty of the dresses on photos with poor resolution. Enjoyed:

esquemas de Blusa de crochet irlandés
Schemes: crocher irlandés blouse

Hi girls. Today I have an amazing crochet irish blouse for you. Also a pattern of this lovely blouse for women. And schemes of this crochet blouse I still have not done anything of Irish crochet, I was starting to make some models of this technique but I have never finished them. Maybe I have …

Tutorial. Knitted wool neck from two types of yarn
Free knit pattern. Cowl from 2 types of yarn.

Hi, girls! It’s starting to get cold and I thought it would be cool to make a free tutorial of a knitted neck. To make the neck not so typical I will use two different types of wool. The first yarn that I will use – the wool of Lanas Stop “Gran Merino” it is …

beautiful long crochet dress
Multicolor beach crochet dress

Hi, everyone. I want to fall just for one day more in to the summer. If there was not so much heat, summer would be my favorite season: the sun, the beach, the minimum on clothing, everyone are tanned, vacation, trips A season full of happiness. But I’m not a fairy, I can not return …