Сrochet global brands

esquemas de trikini de ANNA KOSTUROVA
Patterns. Crochet monokini by ANNA KOSTUROVA

Hi girls. By request of one of the followers of SexyCrochet – Ana, I publish here diagrams of crochet monokini by KOSTUROVA ANNA that I’ve found on Internet. This is swimsuit: And it’s patterns: It is the central part of swimsuit and diagrams of bra and panties I advise to use this ones - patterns of …

tunica de crochet con esquemas
Crochet tunica with schemes

Hi, girls. For those who asked me about the schemes of this beautiful beach tunic from Latarte and for everyone else I leave here on my SexyCrochet blog, diagrams of this wonterful summer tunic that I found on Internet. I advise to use cotton yarn for this tunic for crochet 2-3. It’s a very nice …

Vanessa Montoro "Mediterraneo"
Vanessa Montoro. Collection “Mediterraneo”

New collection of crochet dresses from gorgeous designer Vanessa Montoro. The collection is called “Mediterraneo”. The photos are pretty tiny, I have not found them larger. But I think that it can see all the beauty of the dresses on photos with poor resolution. Enjoyed:

beautiful long crochet dress
Multicolor beach crochet dress

Hi, everyone. I want to fall just for one day more in to the summer. If there was not so much heat, summer would be my favorite season: the sun, the beach, the minimum on clothing, everyone are tanned, vacation, trips A season full of happiness. But I’m not a fairy, I can not return …

вязаная сумка от дизайнера  Ralph Lauren
Knitted bag from Ralph Lauren

Knitted bag from Ralph Lauren. A lovely bag with faux fur.

Los pantalones de crochet
Crochet pants from Vanessa Monoro

In one of my previous posts I wrote a review about knitted pants and today I found a new model of crochet pants of one of my favorite designers – Vanessa Montoro. I love here crochet dresses, she is a crochet Goddess for me, but those pants … ugh .. they are ugly on body …

необычное платье от Burberry
Unusual combination of colors of the dress from Burberry

I liked so much the unusual combination of colors of knitted wool dress that have chosen brand Burberry, I see this dress very elegant and original. And  what do you think about?

Crochet bag from Gerard Darel
Crochet bag from Gerard Darel

Who said that crochet bags are just for grandmothers? Very nice crochet Bag from Gerard Darel  

poncho bonito de crochet
Crochet nice poncho

It is a very pretty crochet poncho. A poncho is very romantic and fashiony. It’s pattern resembles a wave. Unfortunately I do not know who is the author of that cute poncho, but it’s beautiful! Very great idea!

mango bufanda tejida  para otoño 2013
Two knitted wool scarfs from Mango

Two knitted scarves from Mango Fall collection 2013. These scarves are very easy to make but they are very beautiful and fashionable. I found only 2 models in different colors: black with white and red with black. But you can do many more color combinations depending of your style and taste. I don’t know the …

bolso tejido de Stella McCartney
Crochet handbags by Stella McCartney

Wonderful crochet bags . Models by  ”Stella McCartney”

Knitted winter wool dress from LINE Knitwear

And to finish for today I leave here some crochet wool dresses from “LINE Knitwear” from the collection of 2012. They are the most beautiful winter dresses that I’ve seen in my life. Well, for today it’s all. Kisses! See you tomorrow!