My crochet works

Большой вязаный снуд с мехом
Knitted cowl with fur “Foxy”

It is impossible not realize that Fur is in fashion this year. Looking at the fashion shows of great artists we note that the famous designers choose Fur accessories like cowls, scarves, etc.. Neither I have spent from this new trend and in my last job for the winter 2014 I used yarn that mimics the Fur. …

mini chal para invierno de crochet
Crochet mini shawl

Probably the best winter and fall accessory, for me, is a mini-shawl or handkerchief, call it how you want. It’s like a not very large chawl. The scarf is an accessory normally fairly typical and usually, don’t have nothing interesting. A cowl is just a cowl, it is small and only heats the neck of …

Новый год на пляже, купальник снегурочки
New Year Party en la playa. Christmas bikini.

One Christmas quirk more – bikini for those who celebrate the Christmas holiday at the beach. This bikini will raise not only your Chistmas spirit but of all those who will surround you. You can buy this Christmas sexy suit on Etsy.

fashion knitted cowl
Nice knitted wool scarf cowl by SexyCrochet

Hi, everyone! I want to show you one new yarn that recently I have tested. It is yarn of Lanas Stop “Astrak”: 88% Wool, 10% Viscose y 2% Polyamide. Ball 50 gr y 39 meters. Knitting needles : 7 – 8 mm. It is very nice, soft and very warm yarn. I have made one simple …

сексуальный новогодний костюм для снегурочки, рождественские праздники в теплых странах
Christmas beach paty. Christmas costume.

Well .. maybe it’s a little early but I can not wait so much time to show you my new crazy Christmas idea. I love the Christmas holidays, I also like New Year celebration. So inspired by this holidays was born a new small collection of Christmas bathing suits who spends New Year and Christmas …

handmade long knitted wool winter scarf
Large wool knitted scarf for this winter.

Hi, everyone. Here is new knitted long scarf with fringles by SexyCrochet design. It is hand knitted with very soft wool grey yarn. This scarf is very long and very warm, it is perfect for cold fall or winter. The model of scarf is very elegent and original. I hope that you liked it. By, by! …

knitted wool blue sweater
Knitted blue wool sweater

Hi everyone! Today I want to show you my new blue fall women sweater. It is handmade knitted of a very fine warm wool. This model of sweater is very original and beauty. The sweater decorated by crochet squares in the belt. I hope that you liked it.  

vestido tejido verde de lama estricto ideal para la mujer de negocios o estudiante
Fall knitted fashion. Green dress.

Hi everyone! Continuing with knitted fall fashion. New dress from SexyCrochet made ​​of warm dark green wool. A great model for this fall/winter. The strict dress fits perfectly for a buisnes lady or student. The dress knitted with soft and warm wool 50% merino 50% acrylic. You can buy it in my shop on Etsy.  

Invierno 20131
Unisex scarf, for him and for here.

Men! Finally I have something for you  - a knitted Unisex scarf. I really liked the colour from which is made this wool scarf. This is not just normal blue color but it’s like the color of jeans. And it is equally great for girls and guys. Buy this unisex wool knitted scarf on my SexyCrochet …

Invierno 2013
Knitted scarf decorated by pearls and lace by crochet

Hi guys! Today I want to show you my new knitted handmade work. It is the knitted pink wool scarf. This model of scarf is very romantic and beautiful. The scarf is knitted with very hight quality wool (70%merinos, 30% acrylic) decorated with pearls and crochet cotton lace. It’s perfect for romantic girls. I hope  that you …

вязаное теплое платье на зиму, красивое и элегантное
We prepare for fall. Wool dress.

Hi, girls. Only a few days left for the fall season. I have a lot of new warm stuff to show you. I have made many new clothes this summer for autumn/winter 2013/2014. One of the nicest things, from my point of view, is a brightly knitted dress colored strong and nice colors. It is …

funny  knitted headband "Ears" /  Diadema divertida tipo gorro hecho en tejido de punto "Orejas" / Веселая вязаная повязка на голову, теплая и красивая
Funny knitted headband “Ears”

Hi, everyone! I have one novelty for you! For a bright, funny, extraordinary personality, cute woolen blue knitted headband “Ears” with white Faux Fur. This cute and fun accessory will help you to stand out from the crowd in a positive sense and become a center of attention. To complete your bold and bright image check …