My crochet works

Long fringe top bra

New long fringe crochet top bra from SexyCrochet 

top de crochet de LanasStop
Crochet top from LanasStop

Hi girls, Normally designs for all my works I create myself – I invent schemes, patterns, designs, choose the thread, etc. Normally I even don’t look on those magazines, dedicated to crochet. All appears in my mind.  But once my look fell on the front page of LanasStop’s magazine and I fell in love with …

festival girl top, crochet crop top, halter top
Free pattern. Festival crochet top.

Hi, everyone. As ultimately many people ask me about patterns of my works, I will try to dedicate more time to describing them with schemes on my blog. So, subscribe to be noticed about new publications. Today I decided to describe this crochet halter top: (those who only want to order this festival top, here …

cintas de crochet
Crhochet boho headbands

Keep control of beach weary hair with this summery crocheted headband from SexyCrochet. Featuring a contemporary pattern, this hand knit crocheted headband is an ideal choice for today’s style icon. It is custom designed and crafted in perfect detail. The effect is a stylish accessory that slips on and off with ease. Wear it to …

black merino wool hat decorated with cristal buttons
Hat with brilliant buttons

Hi girls. Once when I found these precious glass decorated buttons on ebay, I fall in love with them, ordered them quickly and started waiting for my package from China  (which sometimes takes centuries to arrive to Spain). When I saw this buttons in my hands I understood that I didn’t mistake, they are beautiful. …

nice multicolor hat
Just nice hat… or just nice photo

I can not tell what exactly I like more in this hat: the hat by itself or the resulting cool photo…. But it doesn’t really matter, the matter is that I like it so much!  It’s made by crochet, hook number 4, by  Katia “Merino Aran Plus”. In the and I am very satisfy with …

hat and mittens set of French style
Paris… Paris…

Hi everyone for the first time in 2015   Today I have a new autumn/winter set for you for every day wearing. It consists of nice merino hat and beautiful mittens. When I look onto this set it always reminds me Paris, and in my head I hear some beautiful french song, I can not …

crochet light beige hat with crochet flower with wodden beads
Romantic crochet hat with a flower

At last, it is friday !! Yahoooo! What a hard week have been this one, I had to make a lot of hats, scarfs, tops … I have been knitting, and knitting and knitting all days long!!! I’m very tired and exhousted! Horrible!Well, but the weekend is coming, and I don’t think to do anything! …

cinta para el pelo de dos agujas de color rosa
Knitting nice headband.

New knitted headbands by SexyCrochet, of the same design, very simple but beautiful to warm our hears during fresh days of autumn with a touch of romance and fashion. Buy this nice knitting headband on my Etsy shop

Winter blue merino wool hood scarf
Knittied hood scarf by SexyCrochet

I remember when I was an adolescent I didn’t like to wear hats, I don’t know why buy in my district it wasn’t well seen. But when there was cold days, something like 5 digress below zero or less, it was not so important how was you looking like, the only important thing was that …

crochet mustard mittons
Crochet mittens

Hi, dear friends! Lately I get tired a lot of all those fashion shows, photo shoots, models, and everything related with them. Every time I dedicate more and more time, money and  efforts to preparations. And I get very disappointed when it is sometimes happens  that it looks like you have made everything that was depending …

conjunto de gorro y mitones de crochet
Set “Strobile” of hat and mittens by crochet

Hi, everyone! Autumn has already came to the south of Spain, it’s raining tree days long, it’s cloudy all the days and the air is fresh, I can’t believe that just a week ago my husband and me, we were on the beach, swimming and taking the sun. I hope this autumn will give us some …