crochet white snowflakes
Crochet snowflakes with diagrams

Well .. we are now in the latest days of October and we have not so much time to prepare our homes for the Christmas holidays. So I propose to start making Christmas decoration now. I have started my preparations with some snowflakes made of crochet using this diagram: I found one ball of 20 …

esquemas de trikini de ANNA KOSTUROVA
Patterns. Crochet monokini by ANNA KOSTUROVA

Hi girls. By request of one of the followers of SexyCrochet – Ana, I publish here diagrams of crochet monokini by KOSTUROVA ANNA that I’ve found on Internet. This is swimsuit: And it’s patterns: It is the central part of swimsuit and diagrams of bra and panties I advise to use this ones - patterns of …

tunica de crochet con esquemas
Crochet tunica with schemes

Hi, girls. For those who asked me about the schemes of this beautiful beach tunic from Latarte and for everyone else I leave here on my SexyCrochet blog, diagrams of this wonterful summer tunic that I found on Internet. I advise to use cotton yarn for this tunic for crochet 2-3. It’s a very nice …

esquemas de Blusa de crochet irlandés
Schemes: crocher irlandés blouse

Hi girls. Today I have an amazing crochet irish blouse for you. Also a pattern of this lovely blouse for women. And schemes of this crochet blouse I still have not done anything of Irish crochet, I was starting to make some models of this technique but I have never finished them. Maybe I have …

nice crochet poncho for business lady with diagrams
Nice crochet poncho for business lady.

Hi, girls! Normally I’m against of crochet clothing models from chinese journals. I don’t find them attractive and original. But this crochet poncho of one of the chinese magazine I found very quite and nice to publish it in this blog. It’s crochet poncho is very modern and has its charm. It can serve to …

crochet pants with pattern
Crochet pants with pattern.

White crochet pants with pattern crochet and diagrams

crochet triangles with diagrams.
A new ration crochet triangles with diagrams.

A new ration crochet triangles with diagrams. Other schemes of triangles by crochet.

Rectángulos de crochet multicolor
Multicolored crochet rectangles

Multicolored crochet nice rectangles:  

nice crochet diagrams
Crochet nice diagrams

Beautiful schemes crochet motifs 

fuchsia crochet scirt
Crochet scirt by fuchsia color

It’s not just a skirt! It’s beautiful, cute and very sweet crochet skirt! It looks like a lace but it’s made ​by crochet with ​very fine cotton yarn. The schemes of this fashionable skirt  you can find on the end of this publication. I like everything in this skirt: color, pattern and length. I want …

falda de crochet
Lovely motive for crochet skirt

Hi, girls. Look at this cute crochet motif that I found, it looks much like a lace. It’s so nice and lovely! And you can do anything from this motive or crochet skirt like on the picture, or a shawl, or a top. Everything you want! And the finer is the yarn you are using …

chal para la novia con esquemas / wedding crochet shawl with schemes / свадебная шаль для невесты крючком со схемами
Crochet wedding shawl with schemes

A new model of wedding crochet shawl. It is a beautiful shawl for the wedding or just for walks on the beach in summer. The shawl would be great with dresses of Ibiza style. You can make the shawl of viscose or cotton – for summer, mohair or wool – for winter. The most important is …