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Hi everyone! The most probable is that this summer I will not participate in any catwalk, because I have not prepared any swimsuit collection because of the very few free time I’ve had. This winter I was too occupied with orders and had no time for anything. From one point of view I am very …

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Crochet bikini “3 pineapple”

Hi girls. Since I started to sell my creations on Etsy, I dedicate all my time to it… even when I come out for a walk with my husband – we are talking about it. Many people ask me how to achieve sells on Etsy, I answer to all of you – you need to …

Paris Hilton crochet swimsuit
Everyone likes pineapples

Hello, there! This summer one girl wrote me and asked to make one swimsuit like Paris Hilton’s, a monokini with pineapples. I really don’t like to make copies of other designers creations, but this time I don’t know why but I accepted this order. Well, maybe because this girl wanted not just a copy of …

my bikini for this summer
My crochet bikini for this summer.

Hi, everyone. My new bikini that I’ve made for me for this summer! It’s perfect and I look pretty good on it! This swimsuit I’ve done from other yarn for bikinis that usually,  it is Mondial “Mare”, and I love this yarn! Xoxo! Olga.

Crochet bikini free pattern “Sexy line”

Hi, girls! I have made a pattern of crochet monokini and I ask you to tell me is this tutorial is useful for or not. Thank you! Swimsuit «Sexy Line» (Size «S» – «M») Required materials: 1. 150g of black yarn Lanas Stop «Cuzco» or any other elastic yarn (in 100g of yarn — 225-300m) 2. …

G-string crochet emerald swimsuit
G-string crochet swimsuit

Hi, girls! A lot of people asked me if I can make them G-string bikini, so my answer is “Of course!” Usually I make my bikinis with normal panties because of two reasons: most of my clients like to have covered bottom and other one, I also prefer this type of panties. But, of course, I can …

Bikini for me

The whole week was dreaming to out on the beach this weekend and to wake up Saturday morning with rain, yuck!!! But it’s ok! I had things to do. For example, finish my new bikini that I made especially for me, I love it! Great weekend to everyone! Kisses! You can find this swimsuit on …

Swimsiut collection “Starry Night”

Hi, everyone! I am very glad to show you my new swimsuits collection “Starry Night”. I can not leave without attention the great team that made posible this photo shoot: Modelos: Carolina Bernal Peña, Noemi Yuna Make Up : Jesús Bueno Pro Make Up Hairdresser: Damian Fernandez Fernandez The designs are, of course, of miself   and …

Swimsuit Photoshoot

New photoshoot by a talented photographer Juan Francisco Collado, you can find his work on his blog - JFCollado and a wonderful model María Navarro Make-up artist: Nerea R. Hairdresser: Virginia N.

Cowgirl, sexy monokini by crochet, SexyCrochet design
New swimsuit “Cowgirl” collection

Hi, everyone! And finally, the last crochet swimsuit from SexyCrochet “Cowgirl” collection is here: I like very much to use different metal details in my swimsuits. For example, this swimwear is decorated with two different size rings. First bigger ring is of silver color and serves to hold together two bikini parts: the pants with …

by original bikini online
New pink bikini. Summer 2014.

¡Hi, girls! I want to share with you my little happiness.  From now SexyCrochet have it’s own online shop – “SexyCrochet shop”, where you can buy handmade original and unique crochet clothing, like dresses, tanks, swimsuits, etc.   —————————- And one more new model of crochet bikini from SexyCrochet collection “Cowgirl” for this summer 2014. It is very …

nuevo modelo de bikini de estilo vaquero
Beige and brown cowboy bikini

Hi, girls! How has begun the new year for you? I hope good! I have one new sexy bikini of cream color. The shape of the bra is very comfortable but it is not typical, it is perfect for those who have big breasts. It also has a brown belt in the panties for little …