Crochet tank top “3 pineapples”

Hi everyone!

A new top today…  it is a new version of my famous top top “3 pineapples” which I made for my dear friend Yulia from Estonia  As she is very shy and she wants not only to wear it on vacations on the beach, but also to put it on daily in the city, she asked me to make my top “3 pineapples” longer… much longer :)

Normally it is pretty difficult to make something for people you know, but it wasn’t the case, my friend gave me full liberty in it’s design, so I could make it on my taste with pleasure 

I hope she will be satisfied with her new crochet top and will wear it with pleasure, being the most beautiful.

So, here you have this wonderful long crochet top with 3 pineapples:

And if you would like to order it by Internet, you can do it in my shop on Etsy.



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  1. carolina vallejo says:

    hola …. me pude hacer el favor de regalareme el paso a paso del top largo de crochet con 3 piñas… muchas gracias.
    PDTA: están maravillosos sus diseños :)

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