Crochet bikini “3 pineapple”

Hi girls.

Since I started to sell my creations on Etsy, I dedicate all my time to it… even when I come out for a walk with my husband – we are talking about it.

Many people ask me how to achieve sells on Etsy, I answer to all of you – you need to live in it, haha… This could sound like a joke, but it is not! Think like Etsy, do what it want you to do, wake up and go to sleep with Etsy, eat with it…  you need to dedicate all your time to Etsy, without weekends nor vacations! That’s how, if you have luck, you’ll have sells on Etsy… Ha-ha-ha

But as I have no many choice, I do it like that and I love my work I cannot say that I like Etsy or it’s administrators – opposite, I hate them all, but as in the end they give me the opportunity to gain money with what I love to do – I can live with it….

And one of my new creations for the end.

The top “3 pineapples” got to be so popular that many people even asked me to do it like a bikini – that’s how the new model of swimsuit of SexyCrochet born:

If you like this model of bikini, you can buy it in my shop on Etsy – SexyCrochetbyOlga



3 Responses to “Crochet bikini “3 pineapple””

  1. Azzougui says:

    bonjour le bikini me plait serait t’il possible d’avoir le patron pour le réaliser Merci

  2. victoria says:

    hola !!!!como consigo el patron del sujetador ? muchas gracias desde argentina

    • Natalia says:

      Hola! me encantó.recién estoy comenzando a realizar tejidos. es un pasatiempo y aprovechando el verano me pasarías el patrón del top? me va a servir para estudiar en este calor.gracias

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