Just nice hat… or just nice photo

I can not tell what exactly I like more in this hat: the hat by itself or the resulting cool photo…. But it doesn’t really matter, the matter is that I like it so much! 

It’s made by crochet, hook number 4, by  Katia “Merino Aran Plus”.

In the and I am very satisfy with the wool I choose for this season, it’s colors and quality. All wool is very soft and warm, it doesn’t itch and maintain well the shape of item.

You can order this hat here - in my shop online on Etsy

Good day.

4 Responses to “Just nice hat… or just nice photo”

  1. Katrin says:


  2. Svitlana says:

    Nice hat

  3. Natalia says:

    Красивая шапочка. Интересное первое фото)

  4. Lena says:

    Cool pic! :)

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