Crochet mittens

Hi, dear friends!

Lately I get tired a lot of all those fashion shows, photo shoots, models, and everything related with them. Every time I dedicate more and more time, money and  efforts to preparations. And I get very disappointed when it is sometimes happens  that it looks like you have made everything that was depending on you, but something vent wrong and everything gone down the drain, that makes me depressed and I don’t want to continue. But also sometimes it happens that almost without any effort everything gets better than ever,  just like on my last photo shoot that I enjoyed a lot and as a result I have amazing great quality photos photos.

Here are my new mittens:

Buy online mustard crochet mittens: (comprar aquí)

Buy online winter turquoise crochet mittens: (comprar aquí)

Buy online fall fuchsia crochet mittens: (comprar aquí)




3 Responses to “Crochet mittens”

  1. SvitlanaSky says:

    Интересный узор на митенках

  2. Natálie says:

    Ой, как красиво!

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