Crochet bikini free pattern “Sexy line”

Hi, girls!

I have made a pattern of crochet monokini and I ask you to tell me is this tutorial is useful for or not. Thank you!

Swimsuit «Sexy Line» (Size «S» – «M»)

Required materials:

1. 150g of black yarn Lanas Stop «Cuzco» or any other elastic yarn (in 100g of yarn — 225-300m)
2. 2 plastic or metallic rings with diameter about 20-25cm
3. needle
4. crochet Nº 2

Instruction how to knit a Swimsuit «Sexy Line»

1. Starting from the panties of the swimsuit. Knit them using the Scheme Nº1

2. Knit separately 2 cups of bra using Scheme Nº2

3. Next step is to knit a body part of a swimsuit, that will connect panties with a bra, using Scheme Nº3.

Continue to knit a body part from the center of panties, from the part marked with a red rectangle on the Scheme Nº3.
Sew kitted parts to rings and both cups of the bra in places marked on the Scheme Nº3.
4. Knit 8 cords using Scheme Nº4 and sew them to corresponding places specified on general view scheme — Scheme Nº5

5. Hide the threads sticking out to finish a swimsuit

For better understanding of all these shemes, look on the general view Scheme Nº5.


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  1. laura says:

    Hermoso!! gracias

  2. Светлана says:

    Very pretty
    Thank you

  3. Katrin says:

    Lovely! Thank you!

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