Wholesale no exist for handmade

Hi, there.

With summer coming every day closer and closer more people ask me about wholesale of my works. And for now no one agree with my offers. I think that those people really don’t understand what is HANDMADE and how we made our prices.

Normally I receive letters like this one: “I like your works. Do you sell wholesale?”

And I need to answer what discount I can make for wholesale.

But first of all lets take the calculation how we get our prices. I don’t really know how make prices other handmaders, but I make them using this rule: price of materials + price of my work by hours + TAX.

I take for an hour of my work less than immigrant house-cleaner has for his hour of work here in Spain (where I live).

So, when I am asked about discounts I start to calculate where exactly can I reduce my prices. I can’t make materials cheaper, I can’t not to pay TAX and I can’t work for free (the price of my work already is very low). So, because wholesale suppose that I will repeat the same thing many times it could be that I can make every item more quickly. So, I can make little discount, like 10-20% not more!!! And off course no one like my answer, everyone want 55-65% discounts. And I can’t make this discounts.

So, my answer for people who want  to buy wholesale handmade, handmade it’s not for industrial sale.

And if someone agree with 55-65% discounts to wholesale in HANDMADE, it’s mean that they are already have this profit (or more) in their prices or they work for free and not wait really great quality of there works.. no one like to work for free.

I like work with individuals who order something for themselves or there relatives, each one tell me some little history of there’s life’s, and I really like it, I have them in my hart  and I love when they are back to my store and to my life. I don’t want to work with distributors, I want to work with real live persons.



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  1. Светлана says:

    You’re right

  2. Katrin says:

    I support you!

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