Famous wearing in crochet. Paris Hilton.

Hello, my darlings!

A lot of famous people love to wear crochet clothing. But she is the most obsessed with it. She is Paris Hilton. She has a lot of beautiful different crochet clothes, starting from swimsuits and ending with super nice large crochet dresses.

I will show you crochet clothing from Paris Hilton the most I like!

The first ones, off course, these Paris Hilton bathing suits:

Perhaps, one day, Paris will see my SexyCrochet swimsuits and started to be my best costumes, haha, it will be great!

In this white crochet dress, Paris really looks like angel! Doesn’t she?

Also we saw Paris wearing in crochet in one of here film “The Hottie and the Nottie“:

And one look more from Paris Hilton wearing in beautiful crochet sweater.

Love you, Paris! Hope to see more crochet looks from you 

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  1. Katrin says:

    I love a crochet clothing! Thank you!

  2. Svitlana says:


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