Process of birth of SexyCrochet swimsuits

Hi, everyone!

Today I will show you how born my swimsuits.

First off all I draw my idea of some bathing suit on the paper, I can’t draw well, so normally my picture turns into some dirty mud unclear to everyone but me  because I always need to correct my picture and start to draw and erase, draw and erase, draw and erase 

Normally I leave  this unclear picture and start to make swimsuits, but this way I can lose or forget about some detail, especially if it take a while between making swimsuit picture and beginning to crochet it.

So, how I told you, I can’t draw well, and I found some solution for make some drawing of my lovely swimsuits. I fount one photo on Internet of nude girl  and I draw over it my design. Here you can see how it looks like:

And here I have a result of this design:

It was one of the first swimsuit that I made. Besides it was made for my first fashion show in Spain  I was really nervous, haha, now I am not stress so much like before 

By the way, also I found one photo from this fashion show with this monokini and you can see why designer should check models before she go out on the fashion show,  to check that design is worn right and not as in my case .. haha

And one more thing. Before making any of  my swimsuits I think a lot about it’s color. Normally I imagine it and that is all, but in the case with this monokini I made some sketches to not mistake choosing it. That time I had just 3 colors to choose: red, black and white.  And what do you think. Have I chosen the best color combination for this swimsuit?

See you soon!!!


2 Responses to “Process of birth of SexyCrochet swimsuits”

  1. Katrin says:

    Stylish swimsuits! I like them!

  2. Светлана says:

    Love this swimsuit

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