Something about me and my work

Hi there!

English speaking readers don’t now me and my brand “SexyCrochet” very well. I want to change a little this situation 
My name is Olga and since 2011 I have dedicated myself to design and make fashion crochet clothing. I created my own brand “SexyCrochet”.

I love to design swimsuits, bikinis, monokinis a lot! I try to make new and very original designs.  I also care about a quality of my works, improving them every day.

For my crochet works I use the best quality yarn, normally I use natural yarn like cotton, wool, silk etc. But for my lovely swimsuits I don’t like and I don’t use pure cotton yarn like other people and brand’s do. The cotton it is not the best yarn for bikinis. Fabric swimsuits that you normally use and buy in shops also are not made of 100% cotton, so why everyone decide that cotton yarn is the best for crochet swimsuits? I think it is a big mistake. The swimsuit need to be elastic, adjust well to body and when it get’s wet it has to maintain the same qualities and shape . We need to be able to bathing in our crochet swimsuit also,, not just to demonstrate it and to have beautiful look, also for swimming. Am I right?

For all these reasons I decided to use elastic yarn for my crochet swimsuits. I have searched a lot to find it. But now I have very big stock of different colors of special elastic yarn for my bathing suits.

What yarn I use to make crochet bikini?

Now I use 3 different types of yarn, they are:

  • Lanas Stop “Cuzco” – 80% Viscose. 20% Polyamide
  • Katia “Cotton Stretch ” – 87% Cotton and 13% Polyester.
  • Mondial “Mare” – 100% Polyamide Tactel

All of these yarns are of Spanish production and I am not sure  if you can find them in your  country. But I think in our time with Internet technologies that we have, it is possible to find and buy any yarn that you want.

So.. today I have told something about me and about yarn that I use. Later I will tell you more details about patterns of swimsuits, I will show you my different models of swimsuits and  collections, and about others beautiful things that I make by crochet.
Hope you’ll like to be in my SexyCrochet blog!


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  1. Katrin says:

    Congrats! Wish you success!

  2. Светлана says:

    Hi, Olga.
    Nice to meet you!

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