My Christmas gift to myself.

Hi , girls!

I have already prepared my house for Christmas dinner . A Christmas tree , presents under it, the toys of  Santa Claus, etc.

And also I’ve  made some presents for me , and I want to show you all of them 

I prefer to buy gifts and other things online, it is faster and it can find very original things for great price. As this set of pendant and earrings that I bought for myself. I’ve found it on Etsy, in the shop – “Handmade by Julia “, this  store have a lot of beautiful things! The set that I have bought is made of natural dried flowers.

To decorate my Christmas tree something different, I have bought a few handmade glass birds  from Czech Republic. The shop where I have found them is on vacation now , but anyway I leave here the link – WhiteGiraffesGifts. I liked those beads so much that also have bought them for my mother in law.

I have more gifts  for my family and for me but I have left them in their envelopes and do not want to open them before Christmas :)

And one Christmas song for you 06-abba-happy-new-year

Marry Christmas to everyone!


2 Responses to “My Christmas gift to myself.”

  1. KataRina says:

    Да, птички – класс)
    А я заболела, елка настоящая стоит на балконе, даже сил нарядить нету(
    Зато довязываю последний заказ и все!!!)) Новье буду вязать))

  2. olga-dnepr says:

    Птички -очень необычно! мне очень нравятся профессионально украшенные дизайнерские елки в журналах.Но на такое у самой фантазии не хватает. Вот и получается-все шары (то что не разбилось с прошлого года) да гирлянды.

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