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Hi , girls!

A lot of time passed since my last post , it seems that a whole century passed , hehe. Last week I was occupated with my Etsy shop, making the Black Friday discounts. I had plenty of orders and shopping. But now this season has finished . And  now I’m more calmer .

Yesterday I decided to make a new model of boho style headband decorated with lace. The idea of ​​this headband was in my head since a lot of time , but was made just yesterday.

I bought wool of Lanas Stop ” Bambini ” of  light beige color ( I spent less than 1 ball ), 30 cm of thicker lace and 50 cm of finest lace , a ceramic balls.

At first I made a tape base of the scheme that you already know , but if someone does not know, it ‘s here - a diagram of the headband for winter . After I made a crochet flower and at the end of work I added a layer of lace to the center of the flower, and a layer of the finer lace to flower edge . I decorated ribbon and flower with ceramic balls and finally I made my idea of ​​a hair ribbon boho style. I love it :


Espero que os guste. He visto que hay muchos comentarios en el blog. Intentaré contestar a todos lo más rápido posible.

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  1. California says:

    Buenas tardes! Me encantan las cintas del pelo y no soy capaz de encontrarlas en ningún sitio. Tu las vendes? Espero tú respuesta a mi email. Gracias!

  2. Gracias por compartir tu bella idea. Me gusto mucho. Te pregunto como es el cierre. Bendiciones.

  3. KataRina says:


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