New SexyCrochet Contest

¡Good day everyone!

I invite you everyone to participate in the new competition of SexyCrochet .

The name of the competition  “My little wool work”.

The concurs conditions

The duration of contest is a month since the October 21 until November 21 .

It can participate all works made of wool, no matter what technique is made , crochet , or two needles , etc, the most important that it made ​​of wool or other yarn , and made by you.

Anyone from any country can participate in the contest.

Contest Rules

You need to write a post on the blog of SexyCrochet , where you need to indicate the name of work , upload at least one photo and write at least 3-4 sentences about your work.

There is no limit of work count you submit . The only thing, that if ,for example, you want to present 3 works, you  have to write 3 different publications . 3 works – 3 posts – more chances to win :)

To be able write your articles, the first think that you need to do, is to register on the SexyCrochet blog. The registration block you can find on the first line on the left sidebar. There you need to enter your “login” and email. To your email address will be sent your password to enter on you control panel. You can change your password any time in the control panel. And now you can start to write yours publication.

The votes

Anyone can vote  through social networks like Facebook , Google Plus , Pinterest , Vkontakte . In the page of your publication will be the buttons of all these social networks, for averyone who have enjoyed your work can vote. At the end of the competition the work that receives the most votes , summing the number of votes of each social network, is the winner !

The award

A few days ago in one of my publications I  asked my readers what prize is best for them, most replied that the best prize is materials. So, the prize of this SexyCrochet contest will be:

  1. 2 balls of wool of Lanas Stop “Visón” pink color. (of the wool you can knit a very nice neck, such as mine)
  2. No. 5 circular needles
  3. protectors for needles

You can prepare and write your contest work right now, but all works will be published on October 21.

You can add competition work until November 18.

Before make  your work public I will translate it into Spanish and Russian, so more people will see your work.

You can put the link to your blog.

And to remind you about last two SexyCrochet contests, here you can see the works of the contestants:

6 Responses to “New SexyCrochet Contest”

  1. olga-dnepr says:

    Спам проверяла-тоже пусто.прям бермудский треугольник(( Можеж, плиз, нов.пароль поставить?

  2. olga-dnepr says:

    Оля, у меня не получается зайти. пишу логин, пароль-не правильно. Пишу забыла пароль, прислать-ничего не приходит на почту.

    • Olga (admin) says:

      Оля, посмотри у себя на почте в спам могло прийти сообщение с востановлением пароля. Если нет – пиши сюда, я тебе другой пароль поставлю и вышлю.

  3. Melissa says:

    This lace weight crochet dress is made by hand with bamboo crochet thread. It is a pattern I modified from a book and took me about two months to make because the thread is so silky and hard to hold onto. It’s gown length and has a slight train of about 10 inches. Perfect for an outdoors wedding when it’s warm out, because it’s not a very warm dress.

  4. Angelica says:


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