Free knit pattern. Cowl from 2 types of yarn. Model 2.

Hi, girls.

Today I have one free tutorial more for you, one sneck of two types of yarn. This one:

We need 2 balls of yarn. First one – some wool yarn of grey color, second yarn – some fancy yarn of blue color. Circular needles  #6.

Cast 80 stitches of  gray wool on the circular needles:

Until the middle of the ball of the yarn knit of  ”Garter Stitch”.

Changed the wool:

and continue to knit with the same diagram until the end of the ball of fancy yarn

For the last time change yarn and knite it until the end of ball, of grey color, with the same scheme:

Hide the rests of yarn and we have the result, a beautiful cowl for this winter:

So, combining two different types of wool we can get very beautiful and attractive models.

I hope you liked the neck and my free tutorial.



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  1. theartbug says:

    it is lovely!

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