Nice crochet poncho for business lady.

Hi, girls!

Normally I’m against of crochet clothing models from chinese journals. I don’t find them attractive and original. But this crochet poncho of one of the chinese magazine I found very quite and nice to publish it in this blog. It’s crochet poncho is very modern and has its charm. It can serve to go to the university or to office or just to walk out.

I really like this model of cape and also it has the pattern and diagrams, so I’ll look more closely at the chinese magazine models, maybe I lose something of my view.

Greetings to all!

5 Responses to “Nice crochet poncho for business lady.”

  1. Lucila Villa says:

    Gracias es linda saludos mexicanos

  2. socorro says:

    Es muy bello el poncho y pienso que con algo de paciencia y los datos que dan podra hacerse algo gracias por compartir

  3. josefa says:

    Es un poncho precioso, y el punto sencillo, pero cuando veo el esquema como esta en chino no lo entiendo, no podrian enviar los esquemas en españoñ?. Muchas gracias.

  4. Ishje says:

    I think it is lovely. (it is Japanese by the way, not Chinese)

    I always find a lot of nice things to crochet and knit in the Japanese magazines! It is a shame I am not that good in either yet. But I hope to be able to knit and crochet proper clothing in the future.

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