A top of the rests of my yarn

Hello, girls! How are you? I’m ok, working every day, making new crochet and knitted works .

I imagine that each of you has much rests of different colored yarn at home, and you feel sorry about it  but you can not do nothing from this yarn. Well, today I have an idea for you how spend rests of yarn and make a nice vest.

I’m in the process of spending all the rests of my wool that I have at home, and for now not to buy new wool, I am trying to use just what I have at home. This week I made ​​six different necks only from the rests of my wool, and  I am sure that I have for 10 cowls more.

But from the rests of the wool it can be made much more than just cowls and scarfs. I found some wool balls of same quality yarn but different colors, I had about 400 grams of pure wool! I was very sorry have wool so cool and so good just lying at home and not made ​​any article from it.

For this reason I decided to make a crochet multicolored jacket for autumn, but at the end there was no wool for sleeves so I did very cool crochet vest from my rests of the wool.

3 Responses to “A top of the rests of my yarn”

  1. Carmen eugenia says:

    Hermosos los tejidos, quiero tener contacto con ustedes para que me envies sus tejidos lindos. Gracias

  2. Аннушка says:

    прикольная и сочетание цветов хорошее…и вам идет отлично…молодцы

    • Olga (admin) says:

      Спасибо, Аннушка! Ну сочетание цветов получилось такое какая была пряжа :) я не выбирала,просто постаралась что бы было симпатишно :) а так я любитель других гамм :)
      Спасибо за комментарий :)

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