Hippie sweater for winter.

Probably none of my works can describe my own style better than this hippy fashion sweater. Large bells on the sleeves, decorated with small borderes, trapezoidal shape, and my favorite colors. I love this sweater, from all of my work that I’ve done this summer it’s my favorite.

This sweater already has been purchased by one girl from the U.S. and I think repeating it will be a crime against nature. A jersey should be unique in the U.S. and nowhere else.

I have some similar ideas but I don’t know when I will incarnate them to life, posible this year or the next one.

I hope you like this jersey as I like it!

3 Responses to “Hippie sweater for winter.”

  1. Meagan says:

    This is very cool! I love the contrasting colors for the bell of the sleeve!

  2. KerryCan says:

    That is a very appealing sweater, both the color combination and the style!

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