Crochet shawl with skull for Helloween

Hi, girls.

Excited by the holiday of Halloween today I will dedicate one of my  publications to this event of fear and horror.

Many Spanish celebrate it, also kids in schools. 2 years ago we ware visited by children dressed es monsters calling our house shouting “Trick or Treat” on Halloween night, but we were not prepared for this and had no candy in our hose. Last year we bought a lot of candy and chocolates for kids, but no one came and we ate everything. Well, this year we will also wait for these little monsters.

But this hollyday isn’t just children’s event, but also of adults, we also like to dress us with supernatural-themed costumes, do scary makeup and go to party. Well .. but at our parties we usualy do not eat candy .. :)

And I give you an idea accessory for Halloween party is a crochet shawl made of black yarn with skulls, I am sure that it will be a nice touch to your suit.


I also found this shawl with skulls and it is spectacular, but I have no schemes of it. I leave it here for inspiration.


7 Responses to “Crochet shawl with skull for Helloween”

  1. Pat Tar says:

    I would love to purchase this shawl, please contact me and let me know the proceedure….please contact me at my E mail address

  2. Erinn S. says:

    The inspiration photo you posted is by Brook Taylor. Just thought you’d want to know, so you can credit her.

  3. agustina says:

    me encanta el segundo chal de calaveras grandes quisiera el diagrama por favor me encanta besos

  4. Tanya says:

    Очень здорово, спасибо! у меня как раз настроение на Хеллоуин, и на шали :)

  5. KataRina says:

    Вот последняя шаль у меня уже несколько лет лежит в папке на самом виду) Надо вязать))

    • Olga (admin) says:

      Прикольно! Значит нужно вязать! А у тебя схемки есть или ты так по картинке?

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