Crochet mini shawl

Probably the best winter and fall accessory, for me, is a mini-shawl or handkerchief, call it how you want. It’s like a not very large chawl.

The scarf is an accessory normally fairly typical and usually, don’t have nothing interesting. A cowl is just a cowl, it is small and only heats the neck of the person. But the mini shawl is something more than just a cowl or a scarf: it warms more parts of the body and is much more interesting than a basic scarf.

I love this type of accessory and will not substitute it for nothing!

You can buy this crochet mini shawl on Etsy.





3-4 years ago I made my first mini shawl, and I liked it so much that I made another one of a different color and some other scheme, and recently I made the same mini crocheted shawl of very nice red brick color.

And some of my photos from the trip to Sevilla this spring, wearing my favorite scarf.

4 Responses to “Crochet mini shawl”

  1. lafiabarussa says:

    прикольно! мечтаю

  2. Olga (admin) says:

    Ahora se puede añadir las imágenes en los comentarios :)

    Теперь в комментарии можно добавлять картинки :)

    Now you can add images in comments :)

  3. KataRina says:

    Я вот как раз сегодня утром захотела связать бактус. Прямо очень захотела. Главное – не перехотеть))
    Все-таки они красивые)

    • Olga (admin) says:

      Вяжи-вяжи, классная штука! У тебя еще ни одного бактуса нет, если я не ошибаюсь :)

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